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cell phone service in the Central Peace area of alberta

Just Moved In

Cell phone signal in the Central Peace area of Alberta(Eaglesham "359"  exchange and Wanham "694" exchange-both in Birch Hills County) is weak  or nonexistent in some locations and fades in and out at times.

 Telus, along with Bell, (Telus and Bell share a tower in the Smoky River area right now) should erect a tower in our area to give us reasonable service.  (I have experienced a call from 4 miles from my house having been denied because "long distance charges apply")


Also many in the Eaglesham exchange area have Falher "837" cell phone exchange numbers. Some of my friends and  neighbors in Wanham have cell phone numbers with the "864" Spirit River exchange. Other friends and neighbors have Grande Prairie exchange numbers for their cell phones.


So even though all people living in Birch Hills County are neighbors, cell phone calls to friends and neighbors and to the County Office are often long distant calls.Calls between "837" and "864" and "837" and any Grande Prairie number are all 'long distant.


A cell phone tower erected in Birch Hills County would alleviate some of these concerns and frustrations. It would also make it more equitable. We are paying a 'premium' in long distance charges to phone calls to a nearby neighbor and receive weak and sometimes "no service" signals 



Hi Duncan, most of the recent plans, (Shareplus) include nationwide calling. Aside from getting as many people who are having issues to call and report those issues, you can see if  in the interim, a signal booster would make any difference.