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WiFi Calling Not Working with Building Intercom

Just Moved In

My apartment building intercom is connected to my mobile number.  I receive a call when someone buzzes my unit, and in turn I can talk to the person via my phone, as well as unlocking the front entrance door by pressing an option during the call.



I have really poor signal within my unit, and most of the time my phone switches to WiFi Calling, which works wonderfully.  The only issue I have is with the building intercom.  I can receive the call and talk to the person without any problem, but I am not able to unlock the entrance door.  Every time I pressed the option, the call would just get disconnected.  I don't think it's an issue with the touch tones on WiFi Calling, as I have no issue accessing other automated phone systems.  When I am outside and not using WiFi Calling, I have no problem unlocking the door as well.  So it doesn't seem to be a setup issue on the intercom.  I am kind of at a loss as to where the problem is.  It's very inconvenient to always go downstairs to open the door myself.


Not sure if anyone experiences similar issues?  My current phone is Pixel 6, running Android 12.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never had any issues buzzing someone in while using wifi calling but I'm using an iPhone.

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