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Why have I had to call in 9 times and why have I been lied to?

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I have called into telus 9 different times, been thrown around, lied to, transferred from agent to agent, been dismissed and absolutely treated like crap. Is this an example of first class customer service? NO! Is this a "one" call resolution? NO! I used to recommend telus to EVERYONE of my family and friends, would I now? NO! I am absolutely taken a back and feel disrespected and feel cheated for my valuable time wasted. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

So you have not actually mentioned anywhere what problem you are experiencing with your phone/mobility account, what was said, and what happened.

Personally I find it very difficult to believe you called in 9 separate times and got 9 different answers or flat out lied to as well as transferred multiple times. I've never had to call in more than once for any interaction I've had with Telus Mobility as the problems I was dealing with were fixed or corrected very quickly. All the agents I've ever dealt with have been polite, never disrespectful, and I've only been transferred once and the agent was up front with a logical explanation as to why.

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Hello @ambikav,


The Neighbourhood is a great resource to be able to answer your questions. Why don't you tell us more about your issues and we can offer up some advice!