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Why are we allowing Telus to overcharge us for cellular plans?

Clearly Telus, Bell and Rogers are working together to ensure their plans and pricing are basically the same or identical. Yet they get away with it.

Now they no longer offer Canada US plans unless you go with a 100gig $100+ plan.... it's sickening.

Does anyone know of any alternatives that have large data plans on the big guys networks? We're all getting screwed every month..... I've had enough of this $hit.


I sympathize with you I did find a 60 g plan at rogers for 70 dollars a month if you hold your lip right.  As well Bell was 125 dollars for the same plan not sure why we see some price differences depending on how charitable the kiosk guy is I guess.  But you might find some options out there.  Koodo did have a promo on for 15g plans for 50 dollars a month a while ago but I think that was a promo for a short time and public mobile has some good rates I am on 44 dollars a 20 gig data plan also 1000 canada wide minutes I think it is and us as well.


My new plan with Telus is 30GB for 42$ a month! 


The key is to shop for new Bring-your-own-phone plans when they become available around boxing day or otherwise, and then just switch between companies as often as you want. I've switched providers 5 times in the last 6 years because every 6 months to a year the old company will call back and offer me a better plan to get me back.