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Why are shareable Telus plans so much more expensive than competition?

Telus customer for 5 years, have 3 lines.

Went to pre-order iPhone 7, met by rude surprise. Cannot renew on my current plans (all sharing data), which are similar to current in-market 'promo' plans. Can't renew with promo plans because data not shareable. To share, must use your choice plans, which are more expensive.

In contrast Bell and Rogers both allow shareable data on their $60-75 plans, and Sasktel will soon. For example 10GB shareable with Bell or Rogers costs less than 2GB would on Telus your choice.

I'm surprised that Telus does not match the others, I'm assuming this is an oversight and will return to matching soon. Also surprised being a customer paying over $200/monthly for multiple lines for years gets me nothing more than a new customer would get.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Telus does have the same plans and pricing as Rogers and Bell. I'm guessing you are in Saskatchewan because you mentioned Sasktel? Those plans are a bit different than BC/AB plans. As of 2 months ago, we do have a new policy where we can not renew our customers existing plans if they want to enter a new 2 year contract. Many accounts do have preloaded offers for loyalty customers. If you log in to under your offers you would see these if you have any. If you are in Saskatchewan, I don't believe we have any of these preloaded offers because the market is so competitive there already. The provinces who pay more have them, such as BC/AB/ON. We do not offer any loyalty features on the iphone 7 right now because it is so new and high in demand. Anytime we launch a new iphone, it's not compatible with loyalty offers. If you wanted any other iphone we have slightly more discretion. I would recommend calling back in and speaking to the loyalty/advanced care department as Saskatchewan offers are a bit tricky and they would know best. Sorry for the poor experience 😞

Mobility Client Care Rep