When will Telus come up with a service similar to chatr (or wind)?


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Ya, when?

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They do, its called Koodo

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I'm aware of that, however that's no match for chatr nor wind. 

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I agree, TELUS doesn't need another budget carrier because Koodo is functions quite well.

WIND is in a completely different game then Chatr is. Apples to oranges.

Chatr only works well in certain zones, which is the only way it compares to WIND but without unlimited data and very low amounts of data as well on the plans they have. Also the cheapest unlimted text plan starts at $35 I think.

Chatr does not really have good plans.

Koodo is certainly a better choice. Though, you are staying in a WIND zone then that could be a different story.

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I looked at discover services for myself in Vancouver..... the big issue is coverage...

  • does it work indoors.  Many of these services do not have repeaters inside residential, retail, and office buildings.
  • does it work inside the Canada Line tunnel?
  • do I need to pay roaming charges when I drive 30 minutes from the downtown core?
  • does it have HSPA or LTE service?  Am I limited to 2G?

I had a buddy who spoke highly of his discount carrier.  Less than a year later, I found him on Telus.