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What is happening with Internet in Valemount, BC


I am currently working during the daytime in Valemount, BC. I reported to Telus Mobility early last week that I was having spotty or no internet in downtown Valemount even though I have 3 bars of 5G.  I was disappointed with the response that I got at the time as it was suggested that I was having a handset issue.  Several changes were made to settings on my iPhone 12 and then the agent said they were receiving other similar complaints and would escalate the issue.  I think this was just a way to get me off the line as there has been no improvement over the last week.  I should also mention that I do not have this problem in Blue River or Clearwater so it is definitely a Valemount network problem.


As usual, Telus will ignore the problem hoping it will go away. Shame on Telus.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you turned off the 5G and just connected to LTE? In my city even though on 5G and showed excellent signal strength the data/voice was horrible. Soon as i turned off 5G it was working normally again. Note sure about the roll out where you are, but our area is a new 5G roll out, and clearly not operating normally yet.

Did that and there was no improvement.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is 5G actually live in Valemount yet? Telus's 5G coverage map doesn't even show that 5G is available there, only LTE. I did see one article saying that 5G was being installed but it was causing service disruptions in Valemount for the last bit.  That could be the issue you were experienging. The map does show 5G is available in Blue River and Clearwater.

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