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What happened to Telus??

Just Moved In

I've been a telus member for awhile and I've had enough of Telus! Their services are absolutely ridiculous from TV services not being applied (and still having to pay for them) or they simply won't work, promo pricing not being applied and being told that it's up to me to talk to the salesman who came to my door to sell me on telus and ask what promo code he used because telus doesn't know (thankfully he left us his cell phone number), security services working half the time, being told that internet is available to the new town we are moving to only to find out when we got here that it's not (and talking to 2 different people at telus, one stating it is available and the other stating it is not) then being sent a text stating I can increase my GB to 25Gb for $10 only to find out later that my plan was increased to $10 a month for the extra Gb and I can't go back to my old plan (not even a month later) because it no longer exists, and then being told that a credit was applied to home services side (after closing it) and the credit cannot be applied to my mobility services because apparently it's two different things? I've wasted sooo much time on the phone over the past 2 months trying to sort everything out that I am done with telus. You have lost 2 customers and I'll make sure to let everyone I know not to use this service.