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Warranty is Awful - Don't Bother

Just Moved In

I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had warranty coverage and that they would replace my phone with the same item or a comparable item according to the representative I spoke to on the phone. It actually made my day after starting out with a ruined phone and being upset.


My Nexus 6P Huawei is not in production anymore so they have to send me a comparable phone.  Okay. No problem I think.


A Galaxy S5 Neo? Are you freaking kidding me? The phone is comparable in performance alone, but the fact of the matter is the S5 Neo has half as much storage space as the Nexus 6P and the screen is puny in comparison, so it's actually quite inferior as those are two items of importance to me due to long road trips (requiring additional storage space) and the amount of reading I do (which is why I wanted a larger screen in the first place). I'm completely disgusted right now.


The warranty is the biggest sham going. Good work Telus salesperson, you completely fooled my wife and I and sold us something that doesn't do at all as advertised. What a crock of garbage.


Words don't even begin to describe the anger I have right now.


The device care coverage service terms have changed multiple times but, have always been available on the telus website. Depending on the date you got your phone they vary. They have always stated that the replacement device is a refurbished phone and is the same model or a like device. The "like" device being determined by the insurance company. Depending on the reasons you personally like your device, it can certainly be aggravating to have someone else pick your replacement device for you. If you don't have much device balance remaining in your contract, it might be worth it to renew your contract and either trade the S5 neo to get money off the device balance or sell it privately on Craigslist/kijiji. Brand new it's valued at $400 unlocked. (Best Buy is selling it). The telus trade in program is offering $100 minimum in store for it or $200 off the google phones!
Mobility Client Care Rep