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WIFI removal after completion of Term (contract) with Telus

Just Moved In

I have been with Telus for 2 yrs, completed my 2 yr term with them and strangley enough, the day after my term ended, WIFI stopped working on my cellular

I have had agents tell me from Telus its my home modem, this can't be true as my room mate have no problem getting the home wifi with their cell

Other people have said my phone, but my its wifi connected,  its just not connecting

No one seems to be able to give ma straight answer

I own a Samsumg Galaxy S2 ( a little outdated, but Telus refuses to give me an updated cell as I refuse an extra $30 a month on a shareplus plan, with features I already get on my current phone

..... I do not own any other devices ( laptop, ipad,...)

my current plan is $50 and has been for 2 yrs

Can anyone tell me why my cell is not syncing with home wifi, I cant even link to free wifi ( as in when Im in a actual Telus store) ! 




Wifi driver crashed.



Example how to fix. Example from Galaxy Ace

*#*#526#*#*    and wait for it to go back to the dialer after saying successful



A bad battery can possibly also cause it. In your battery meter, the graph should be a steady tapering line as the battery discharges. If the graph shows large random drops, with an equal rise, the battery is failing.


 Another possible is the wifi on the board has died. There are reports of voltage issues.

As much as you'd like to blame TELUS due to your contract ending, it's just not possible for TELUS or any other carrier to remove your WiFi functionality from your phone.

That certainly is an odd coincidence!


Have you tried refreshing the phone?


Remove the battery(while the phone is on) and keep it out 10-15 seconds. 


Replace the battery and fire it up. Try scanning for available WiFi connections.


Does the phone see anything?



That's true @xray ... I don't think we have that evil "Disconnect WiFi at End of Term" button yet...  😄 Let us know if any of the awesome suggestions here work @sweetgirl