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Very upset with third party Asurion!

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I submitted my claim back in the end of May as I had broke my phone. I gave all my information, card information, shipping information, email, phone number was told they needed 24 hours to clear my payment. They also did not have my phone in stock and they would call me when it came in. Weeks went by, actually waited almost a month. I called them, they had my phone and said I should of called them (that is NOT what was discussed on the phone). Got transferred to different people, was told to take steps online. Did those steps online and funny enough the pop up told me to call them (good thing I was on the phone). Again, was told they would email me/contact me they didn't. Tonight I called back AGAIN because still nothing with no progress. They took down all the original information AGAIN and once AGAIN I was told 24 hours they needed to process the banking information and someone would call me. I work in customer service, I understand how hard it can be to be in this position. The fact is I have been paying for the insurance on my phone in case of something happening, now I have been waiting months and have not even made it to the point where my new phone will be shipped to me! Why am I continuing to pay for this extra service? I really believe Telus needs to re-evaluate who they are using as a third company. Not to mention the representatives have been extremely rude and unhelpful.


Just Moved In

Well its been over 24 hours and once again they still have not contacted me... Extremely disappointed.

Asurion is a third party used by Telus for the insurance however, their employees are not Telus employees. Despite how the recording represents them when you call the company. They have switched from Brightstar to Esecuritel to Asurion because they all had terrible service. All in an effort to find the one with the best service. That sounds pretty bad though, I apologize for the experience. 😞 If you are getting a phone replaced, it should be the same phone or "like" model. Which, Asurion has been pretty good in the past about coming up with a solution that makes the customer happy. Typically, you call them, process your payment, fill out your affidavit online and they send the phone out in 1-2 business days. You should call Telus and have them handle your phone replacement case on your behalf. 

Mobility Client Care Rep