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I just found this news article about the Telus Travel Tracker for roaming charges.....

Why limit with so many restrictions?

  • cannot be used in Canada
  • cannot be connected to wifi
  • cannot be a business customer



Hi , this is a great service but since it's for roaming, it's normal that it won't work for Wi-fi or for local data usage. I'm sure that it will eventually be available for business account.

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xl CPU Alum
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  • Wifi would allow customers to check activity WITHOUT consuming roaming charges or their roaming allotment.
  • checking in Canada would allow customers to assess the interface and quick confirmation along border towns.  A service for Canadians that's not available in Canada???
Fair point on border usage. TELUS likely trying to eliminate that via other means .

As for checking the travel tracker on wifi, usage of the tracker does not incur data charges