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The big Three's lies to the residents of Canada

Just Moved In

This more of a statement. Your union workers are wanting the American companies to stay out of your areas. I have a problem with their comments... They state that tis companies will neglect the rural areas in Canada. I would like to inform you that Telus, Bell and Rogers have done just that. Our cell services in pretty much nil at our home that is only 12 kms out of town. Also we can not get internet to our home unless we revert to dial up or satellite internet. Maybe you should state that be bringing in these outsiders that the rural residents will continue to be left out of the new upcoming technology, I would like to thank you for the continuous lies to the press.


Just Moved In

Outsiders should of been here a long time ago



Greetings Chisholm14!


I advise getting in contact with our Support via Twitter or by phone at 1-866-558-2273 regarding this matter.