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Telus launches Wifi calling on iPhones with iOS 10.2


It's finally here!


I haven't updated my iPhone to 10.2 yet, but now am jazzed about it when I get home from work.


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@SmokeJV  Thanks for sharing. Will be a bonus when vacationing south next time.


Edit: Just read the T&C. Wi-Fi calling does not work outside Canada. Guess I'll continue using Telus Extend while travelling!


Edit again: Well I guess using Telus Extend is out 😞 

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I just got a txt message this morning indicating that the CRTC wants 911 service to be available from TELUS Extend, therefore given the development, TELUS indicates that they will not be able to comply with this for the CRTC's deadline of Dec 30, 2016.


I'm not sure why the CRTC would classify an over the top app that acts like google talk/Skype (that are not required to provide 911) as a nomadic service that requires 911 calling.  


You'd think that the big red letters on the app, and everytime it forced you to log in - and accept the conditions would have been enough.    Meddling gov't.     So now wifi caling is it if you've got an iphone 6 or better - but if you travel outside of Canada - does that mean you will pay roaming fees for wifi calling????

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There is no wifi calling outside of Canada if you read the terms and conditions. So you pretty much have to use other 3rd party apps so you don't incur any costs.


Why we still have the CRTC this day an age is beyond me. It needs to be blown up and replaced with something with the times and not the old guard at the controls.

I thought it would help with the horrible dropped calls in my basement suite but, no improvement 😞

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@Mobility_Princess Are you sure Wi-fi calling is being used and not falling back to the cell network?

To test it put your phone in airplane mode and enable your wi-fi. The top left corner should display Wi-fi.


Make sure the Telus-Wi-Fi indicator is showing on your phone, as well:


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So TELUS Extend was discontinued due to some CRTC ruling.  Fine, but that product allowed FREE North American calling over WiFi.


Now, this Wifi calling on iPhone capability has been introduced yet it's only Canadian-based and it is consuming my cellular minutes and LD charges, even though it's not using the cellular network.  And in fact, it's consuming data on whatever ISP Wifi connection I'm using.  Which means when I use this at home (which does have poor cellular coverage), I'm paying twice...once to my ISP for Internet charges for my Wifi and once to TELUS for cellular access that I'm not even using!!  How is this fair??


Fix the issues with TELUS Extend and bring back FREE North American calling over Wifi.


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I'm disappointed to see Telus Extend disappear, but there is a considerable difference  between it and Wi-Fi calling. Telus Extend is (was) a VOIP service which used your current phone number, and had an allowance for text messages to also be sent to the Telus Extend App. VoIP interconnectivity in Canada has traditionally been cheap, on the order of 0.5 cents per minute.  Wi-Fi calling is far more integrated into your phone, and you are still using the carrier's infrastructure once at the telco termination of your Internet service. It is being rolled out the same on all carriers, as far as I know.


Unless you are purchasing your wireline Internet solely for the Wi-Fi calling, or are paying overages because if it, it is disingenuous to suggest you are paying twice for the service. It's like claiming you have addition costs because you drop your kid off at school on your direct route to work.



I'm happy to see Wi-Fi calling available for those who need it. If you want cheap calling services, then look to a true VoIP service.


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Sometimes, you have to get past the nit picking. Complaining about the phone using up home internet?? What do you do think Extend was doing? I have unlimited calling anywhere in Canada and to the US, so it matters not to me if they are consuming minutes on wi fi calling or not. Remember that your internet is just the "last leg". Telus still has to maintain the infrastructure to connect your mobile phone to them through the internet and provide call completion/acceptance services, text messaging, etc. For my part, I am very happy to have the improvements in service. You need to make sure you have a good wi fi router and once you do that, everything works quite nicely. I can't test the wi fi calling in my basement though because I have just one short of full bars down there! I do wish they had the Wi fi calling enabled overseas, hopefully that will come. Rogers has it, so I don't think there is a law against it.. I am happy to have wi fi calling and see extend go.

Not many people seeming to read this, but it is a good advancement really.


Just found this thread now. Here's a cross post regarding a gap in Telus' wifi-calling service: