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Telus didn't tell me when they changed my insurance coverage.

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I have been a mobility customer for 12 years and have optik TV and internet. Telus changed my insurance plan without telling me and as a result when my phone was stolen I was not covered. This is illegal. A Telus representative told me it would be covered under warranty on chat though when I got to the store it was determined that this was a lie. I had to buy a new phone and lost my plan. I was not told that if I bought my phone outright I could have kept my plan, which I would have done in a second. I was told that it would be taken away anyways in a few months. Telus, take accountability for your mistakes and give me back my plan or I am switching to Rogers and reporting you to the BBB.

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Community Power User
Warranty coverage NEVER covers loss or theft. Some extended warranties cover physical damage, but most only cover manufacturing defects. In all cases, you have to present the device for assessment for repair or replacement.

Further, the Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you, and we have no ability to address account inquiries. You will need to contact Telus using the methods at the bottom of the page to express your wishes. However, if a plan does not exist anymore, it is not possible to enroll a subscriber to it.
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Understandable how you can believe Telus changed the phone plan without your knowledge but, I assure you it is listed on the website what it covers. Basically since Device Protection and care came to Telus there have been several changes. It sounds like you had the original Device Protection for $7 which covered Lost/stolen as well as accidental damage and manufacturer warranty. However this had high service fees of $150 per incident. Telus than changed to Device Care and Device Care premium. Depending on the cost of your device you would pay $6/$7 for Device Care or $11/$12/$13 for premium. The device care covers accidental damage but not lost/stolen. Premium covers accidental damage as well as lost/stolen. The service fees vary from $80-$220 depending on the cost of the device you have. Neither the Device care nor premium are eligible for iphone devices. The old Device Protection you could keep monthly however if signing a new contract you would not have been able to keep this. It would have stated in your service agreement which insurance you had as well as the service terms are listed on the website: While understandable there may have been a miscommunication or you may not have read the service terms I'm sorry for your experience. 😞 If you contact Client care via *611 or Chat they can regenerate an email to you of your insurance service terms. 

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