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Telus & Bell - To charge income text/msges


CellPhone users, will pay new fees as 2 of Canadas' Telecom giants, going to start charging $0.15 ctvs, for incoming texts. Telus &Bell, charges start at sometime in August 2014. The new texts-charge, affects a small % of Telus' wireless users, who don't have a text/msge-plan.


Shawn Hall of Telus-Vancouver said the cost of texts, went up ultimately. As for unwanted texts, Users have not to worry about.We've had for yrs a robust, security filters to block millions of (Spam/texts) If you got these texts & report it to 7726 - We'll take the charge off the bill - Great!


Telus+Bell. Users can avoid text/charges by switching to Rogers-which says it has no plans to impose an income text/msge-Fee. But Telus-charge penalties up to $50. for break the contracts..Replies welcome <Bye> "v9"


Note: I apologize for the outdated 1st paragraph. Users who signed up for text/plans-are covered, with [Unlimited texts in CA.] To send texts to [(US $0.40 ctvs)& (0.25 ea for those)] without SMS/plan. Straight forward now!. Thks(v9)


@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

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Article from july 2008



There is the june 11 2014 article about Telus having to refund text fee's to quebec users




CPU Alum
CPU Alum
I think this is old news.... the texting packages came out years ago to address the issue.

Otherwise look at messaging apps if texting costs are an concern.


This news is extremely old and as others have stated, options were provided to avoid the charges at the time. In today's world this really doesn't even matter, every rate plan every carrier sells includes unlimited incoming & outgoing SMS + MMS.