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Sorry I had to go.

Just Moved In

I got a goodbye email from Telus in my inbox with a link that lead me to the forums to at least share my ideas before I go.


Nothing against my plan prices. They were modest and competitive.

I would have kept or upgraded my device on a two year contract. The devices on Telus are pretty open.

A few other issues I experiwnced over several years in comparison to my phone service now with Rogers.

The tower coverage is horrible in Manitoba. I moved out of downtown Winnipeg when I married in 2009. Since then, my suburbia home cannot carry a signal through the two phones I had upgraded through Telus during this time. Suburbia. Literally the West edge of Winnipeg has dead spots everywhere contrary to what the map says. I had to go stand by my front door to get two bars to make sure my telephone job interview calls did not drop. Telus cost me probably three job interviews. 

I used to take outdoor concert, golfing, fishing, snowboarding and camping tripsto various areas of rural Manitoba such as Minnedosa, Neepawa and Fisher Branch, Manitoba. If I want to go camping anywhere towards the Whiteshell area East of WInnipeg there is simply no coverage and anywhere where there is rural coverage -- it has no to little data so it's bitttersweet. That was the clincher after 7 tears. I dropped almost 80% of my voice calls within the first three minutes and could barely sms anyone outside of the city.

I had the worst MMS services ever. If I wanted to send or receive pictures, that awful HSPA network crippled my ability to send/receive pictures. Even if Telus improved it over LTE in the past year in my area (MB), it needs so much work. My wife would get shopping images two days later. Two DAYS later. I had to send her texts..."Did you get my picture?" "Nope" "How about now?" "Nope" Two days later it was like somebody rebooted a server somewhere and poof there they were flooding her message box. This isn't very helpful if I'm shopping for her while she's sick and taking pictures of labels for medications and specific products she needs.

My other suggestion/recommendation (I haven't check it lately maybe they finally fixed it) is to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the ability to ten-digit-email a phone message. That is so 2002... I am so sick of junk text mailers -- and add captcha to your site "Send a Message" page please.

That's it. Thanks for listening. I don't hate Telus. I see room for improvement in Manitoba's mobility network if they put the money into it. I would certainly go back to Telus if the coverage matched or beat the MTS/Rogers coverage domain and they fixed the MMS delay issue.