So done with Telus


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I am extremely disappointed with Telus. I have been with you for years and years, and after giving you thousands of dollars of my hard earned money I finally cancelled my personal phone. And after phoning in December and being told it would be cancelled.. I received yet another bill. When Called the next 3 times I was on hold and transferred for far too long. Out of all the people I spoke to, only one was pleasant! My coworker is having problems with Telus mobility, my mother with Telus tv. I have switched my tv provider to shaw because I am so pissed with Telus. And not once was I offered anything to recrify keep my business. I will be telling all of my friends how happy I am without Telus mobility, and how much better by shaw direct satellite is. I so wish I wasn't in a contract with my iPad still.

Sadly, it will take a lot more of customers leaving before those high enough up in Telus take any notice.  Even Executive Client Relations has become a frustrating joke!  I hope you find some better customer service else where.