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Smart Hub


I just bought a Smart Hub.  LOVE IT!  Thanks Telus!!


Internet is very important for me because I work from home.  Your data plans are really expensive so I have to go easy on the GB's.


I have a cheap but unreliable microwave internet connection up on the roof from a rural internet provider in Saskatchewan.  It goes off-line at least 5 times a day so I can't depend on it but when it's working, it's quite reasonable.


I set my hub up to use both the cell tower and my ethernet connection to the other provider.  I set it to favor it's ethernet connection.  When the other provider goes off-line my smart hub switches over to the cell tower automatically.  Cool.


Question 1:  Will the Smart Hub automatically switch back to the Ethernet internet provider once service comes back on-line?  How often does it check to see if the other guys are back and how long will the switch-back take?


I have a desktop on a LAN backing up large files of family video to the cloud for safe storage. 


Question 2:   Is there any way to convince the smart hub to allow all my wireless devices to use both connections but block my LAN from accessing the cell towers?   I don't want to rack up a huge bill when the desktop could just wait for the ethernet internet to come back on-line.


Thanks in advance for any help.