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Smart Hub Availability

Just Moved In
I live in the Cariboo and am having issues with getting smart hub service.

I live 4km from a real internet providers limits, and there are neighbors on the LTE hub plans ON MY STREET, yet the service is "not available in my area". I get a solid 25mbps down, 5mbps up, and 30ms ping on the mobile network on my phone. Customer support and the Telus dealer in town have been less than helpful.

So my question is, How do I get an obviously available service in my area? Am I too close to town? Why do my neighbors have it then? Why are my speeds so good on this "overloaded" network? Why is Telus being so unhelpful?

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are a few reasons why detailed in a few posts on the board. There are issues of over saturation of the cell site, only certain cells being available to support the Hub, and in some instances people purchasing a hub at retail without proper disclosure of address, or moving the hub from locations where it as provisioned to other physical locations.  It ends where you now find yourself - some folks are no longer able to obtain the device.




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Right, sorry, 25mbps down during peak times over LTE is over saturated. What a joke.

Hi @Bluesuits, this situation might require further assistance than what this forum can offer. You can always reach out to TELUS technical assistance team at 1-866-558-2273, @TELUSsupport over Twitter or even send a private message on TELUS Facebook page. They sure will be able to help you out.