So I'm in the US.  I've got the CanadaUS plan so my roaming is covered.  I'm signed into AT&T (Telus roaming partner for Arizona I guess).


Now the problem.  EVERY single time I make a call I get a pop-up asking me a stupid question.  Home country or Roaming country?  (This is with a Samsung Note 9 running whatever the latest Android OS is out there and using stock dialer).


Both numbers are the same except for the + at the front.  I mean I get I'm in a foreign country that's getting more foreign by the hour but it's still just the USA.  Maybe Telus/AT&T don't know Canada and the USA both dial with a 1?  So annoying. 


Anybody ever seen anything like this?  How the heck do you turn it off?  HELP!!



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Ok.. found it.  Figured I'd post it here in case it helps someone else.


This is for Android only - no idea if it's even an iPhone issue.  Also it only works for Canadians using Telus who are roaming in the USA with the latest Android OS (whatever it's called... Jelly Doughnut?  Maple Dip?  Twizzler?  No idea what it's called.  But Android 9 I think).  It may only affect you if you are on AT&T but I can't verify that.


First you bring up your dialer like you are about to make a voice call.  Next you touch the 3 dots in the top right.  Next you touch settings.


Look through your settings for "Roaming Assistance".  (which is misnamed because it's of zero assistance!)  You will see 3 options - "Auto Select Country", "Always call roaming country" and "ask for each call". 


Your phone will probably be set to Auto Select Country which certainly sounds like the right setting but counter intuitively this will actually activate the "ask for each call" option.  No idea why.


Change your setting to "Always call roaming country" and life will be sweet again. 


Not sure if you have to change it back when you return to Canada.  


Best of Luck and hope this helps.