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Reception on Lake St North of Lakeshore in St Catharines ON

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Reception is almost non-existent. Not only I cannot use data, but, more of a safety issue, I cannot make phone calls or people cannot hear me, mainly from my main floor and basement of the house. Not a good thing. Can you not put a tower in Port Dalhousie or closer to the lake in this area? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. Thank you.

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Telus has a tower sharing agreement with Bell in Ontario as the extreme majority of towers used there are Bell's. There are a couple Bell towers already in the area near Port Dalhousie. One is on Henley Island. The other is on the roof of an apartment building just southeast of Lake Street and Lakeshore Road. Does anyone else have issues when they use their phone at your house? It is common in basements to have weak or no signal since you are underground and the earth will block cell signals and so will your concrete foundation. If you have brick on your house that can weaken the signal also.


You should call Telus to complain about the reception issues so that they can make note of it and the location.  Whether or not Bell decides to do anything about it is the big question. If enough reports come from one area, maybe.


Installing a new tower is not a simple, fast or cheap process. Please see the following website for more information:

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There's already a cell site at Regency Towers a few hundred metres away operated by Bell and by Rogers. See this site for more information. Telus shares Bell locations and antenna arrays.


You can use the Telus NetXP App to report poor quality reception in a more direct manner.


Finally, depending on the materials used to construct your home, cellular signals may not penetrate. For instance, stucco is exceedingly difficult for radio waves to penetrate.

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Is your reception issue only in that area or are you noticing a drop in reception everywhere?  Sometimes firmware updates can impact reception.  When you are on the low end of service, that one bar can make a massive difference.  You might want to try swapping your SIM into a different device to rule out your device being the issue.  WiFi routers also heavily impact your cellular signal, especially when indoors.  If you or your neighbours have installed, re-positioned, or added a new WiFi router or modem.  You might want to try lowering the radio output of the router to see if that improves your reception enough to be acceptable.