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Re: Cell Phone Plan

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I have lived in a cell-block out area since 2008. Since then, I have had a basic 'flip phone' with a SIM card, as I only use for emergencies. I just recently (within 3 months) had a confusing situation. I was just on a 'top up $10 month plan' if it ran below $5 then it would top up - I had a balance of $90 the last time I had looked online, then the phone wouldn't work, for 8+ weeks (again, I only use for emergencies or calling my husband when I was in town--so not a huge every-day pressure on my mind to get this resolved immediately) I finally got a chance to sit down and do a 'callback' with Telus and the fellow told me I didn't have a plan. (This morning the amount I see on the screen was $29.32 as a Balance when I called in for help to ask where the rest had gone) He then sets me up with a Talk 100 and the balance goes to $10.00. I call back to find out what happened to the approx $20 dollars and 'Angelica' answers and said that the fellow charged $20 for the $2 top up, 10 times. She agreed to refund my money 'one time' and II asked her where the rest of the $90 went from a few months ago (again, I never used) she then put me on 'hold' for 20 min and I assumed she hung up, as there was no music.

Is this company really that big of a scam that you call to get answers, they charge you more money and then hang up with no one else to call to get answers but more customers on a forum????




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You should be able to log into your My TELUS account online to track down for what event may have occurred that caused the balance to deplete. The $10 talk plan should auto-renew and take the money directly from the remaining balance. Your best bet may be to reach out to our Mobility team to have them escalate, or reach out to our social team over at our Twitter / X or Facebook page so they can verify your account and take a look at your billing.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It apparently wasn’t on ‘auto-renew’ on the website, so it just cancelled, unfortunately, without my knowledge.