Random messages sent from my phone that I didn’t create

This evening I had about a dozen messages sent from my phone that I didn’t create. They were all in Chinese and sent to international numbers. It appears to have come from me however I did not create them. Messages are all the same except the first one - which is just the number 1. Anyone else having this issue in their iPhone?
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Is it possible someone has guessed your Apple ID password and has commandeered your account?

It would then appear as though you sent them.


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Random Chinese texts been a common problem in iPhone for almost a decade. If you search the Rogers community forum or the Apple community forum you'll find reasons. Harmless, but annoying, but the texts usually go to contacts; if the messages are going to numbers foreign to you that you've never texted and are not in your contacts, then that's a separate issue. There was an iPhone hack two or three years ago that caused a similar issue to yours. Search around the Apple forum.


These can sometimes be caused by rogue or compromised apps.  Have you installed or updated an app recently that might be the cause of the issue?