Question about the data options


I'm looking to upgrade my device online and it says I cant keep my existing plan. Ok fine.

Looking at the data options in the list and none of them say "shared" ?

I'm afraid this will mess up the other family member on my account, who currently only uses my shared data.

Are they all assumed to be shared? Or should i just do this by phone to make sure it doesn't mess up my other family member's data access?

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As far as I know, all Telus consumer postpaid data plans, except the $10 for 60 GB offered last fall, can be shared between devices or users on the same account. You can mix and match family and additional personal devices (tablets, Apple Watch, etc) with your data plan.


Which plan do you expect for the  upgrade?


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i currently get nationwide call and text for 60$ but i guess that is no more. good to know about the data plans, thanks!


edit: actually i just realized if i pay a little extra for the phone upfront, ill be able to keep my existing plan and save way more in the long run (25$/month over 2 years) no brainer. Problem solved haha