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Public Mobile Acquisition



The competition bureau obviously approved Telus' takeover bid for Public Mobile.

There has been relatively little comment by either party at this point.

What is Telus' plan for the future of Public Mobile?

Thanks a million.



Not sure what level of detail you're looking for in terms of their 'plan' but they have publicly stated they will continue to honor the $19 unlimited plan:


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Saw this today.



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I was looking for greater detail about how telus plans to integrate public mobile customers into the fold, details on anticipated pricing, phone models etc.

Currently, for example, if you leave the public mobile home area ie:in and around the gta, you roam on other networks.

What is telus' plan for this aspect?

Is the pricing structure going to change? I use the top pricing structure for public mobile which includes unlimited data, province wide calling etc. I also have one of the top android phones brought out by public mobile which works great but I have also suffered with less than spectacular android models.

I like buying my phone outright in around the $200 price point and not have to worry about a term contract or some of the other schemes that the big three have for popular android models.


Public Mobile issued a statement yesterday which addresses some of your questions:


Sounds like the approach will be to offer Public Mobile customers incentives to transition from the Public CDMA network over to Telus' HSPA network by end of year and change their plan (i.e. $19 plan only works while on a CDMA device on Public's network). 

tsizzle - thanks for the info - much appreciated.


I am surprised that Telus has almost nothing on their website rather they seem to be leaving all of the marketing / info to the publicmobile website.



Why would Telus post anything on their website? This news is really only relevant to Public Mobile customers and has no impact on Telus customers, would think most people would likely still go to the Public website to find info about their service.