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Just Moved In

I am completely disgusted with telus monthly top up prices. I have been with telus for many many years however, due to cost of living period I had to keep priorities I absoutly needed until I got back on my feet but due to recent medical issues I needed a phone right away to keep on me at all times . So I dug out my phone bought a telus SIM card and came home to check online for pricing and I am utterly sick to my stomach at the pricing for text and talk options is just absosoulely frustrating as if I don't find another cheeper option I will have no choice but to leave telus and go elsewear , does anyone have any good deals on monthly pay as you go for telus or do they offer any good deals to people coming back ?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you describe your needs?  For very occasional use, the $10 / month plan with just less than an hour of talk time does not seem outrageous.

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