Not receiving text messages from 1 contact


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For the last few months, I havent been receiving text messages from one of my contacts. Sometimes I will receive 1 and then none will come through after that. I dont have this issue with any of my other contacts. We both have Samsung Galaxy phones with plans in Ontario. Im with telus, he's with Rogers. I have no idea whay this is happening and would like a solution!
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Community Power User
Occasional instances of an issue are difficult to diagnose. Here are three suggestions:
- Restart your phones.
- Delete any conversations you have had on BOTH of your phones. Start afresh.
- Make sure neither of you has blocked or otherwise blacklisted the other.
If the above does not address the issue, delete and re-create the contacts in your texting or contacts app. Finally, consider testing other messaging apps.
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Also to follow up, have either of you owned iPhones recently and switch to Samsung?

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