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Not getting what I was promised. Does this make sense?

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To be brief:

Our phones were eligible for upgrading.  My wife got Galaxy S7 at $0 on a Easy Share 65 Premium plan.  I was going to get the Google Pixel as offered at $0 on the same Easy Share plan on June 23rd.  The Google Pixel was not in stock at this particular dealer.  Was told it would arrive the next day or the following day and to call at 4:30.  Phone did not arrive on days indicated.  Continued to call periodically.  Still no phone.  Final angry call made on July 5th.  Phone arrives on July 6th.  Go to dealer to activate phone.  Telus support informs dealer that my contract and phone offer are no longer available (expired on July 5th).  Contract is now more $ and phone is $400.  Telus would not honor the contract from June 23rd nor the $0 phone. I personally spoke with Telus support and loyalty.  They offered me nothing.  We have been a loyal Telus customer for the past 12 years. This makes absolutely no sense.  Very disappointed in Telus. Beware!


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Community Power User

If you did not seal the contract by making the purchase before the sale deadline, there actually was no contract, only an offer. I'm guessing that you, like me, would not hand over any hard earned cash until  the phone was in my hot little hands, so I, too, would have been outta luck on that one. It is indeed unfortunate that Telus would not extend the offer, but I'll bet there will be similar Back to School offers within the month. 


Watch and be ready to strike when the opportunity presents itself.


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