No service despite Telus coverage map


Twsp 310 west of hwy 22.  Coverage map says there should be service for most of this area, but I have driven through it and there was no service.  Hearing that people in the area are having issues, especially with their smart hubs. 


Anyone heard anything or anything on when it would be resolved?  I don't live in the area, so Telus won't give me details, but I'm considering buying in the area....

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Township Road 310 is in an area poorly served by cell towers. You are likely 12 - 15 km from the nearest cell tower. It also does not appear to be an area where the Smart Hub is supported. If a Smart Hub is moved from a supported area to an unsupported one, a number of issues can arise:

  • The hub will not work, as it is not connected to its 'home' tower.
  • If it works at all, the hub will degrade the data availability to other users, as the local tower is overwhelmed.
  • Distance from a tower affects data throughput.

The likelihood of additional infrastructure being installed in rural areas with low population density is very small, unless the provincial government or industry is prepared to subsidize installations.

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