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Mobility website is scrambled

Just Moved In

I am having difficulty reading the mobility website.  Pictures are overlapped with words, Some words are missing, whole menu items are missing, pictures are chopped in half.  Is it my browser that is causing this?  I tried other peoples computers using 2 browsers on Windows 7 and it worked fine (Chrome and IE11).  Using windows Vista and these browsers, scrambled.  Can someone please tell me how to view this website properly?  Do I have to buy a new computer just to view a website selling cell phones?



Is it just the Telus site or other sites? 


Are your browsers updated to the latest version?


Telus mobility site


In your browser there should be a text size. Using a larger text(or your computers visual disability larger  text size) can cause pages to not render properly, in the way that you are describing.


In your computer, go to  Control panel, then display. To see if you are rendering at above the default 100%. And you can lower it if that is the case, to see if issue fixed.




CPU Alum
CPU Alum
What browser are you using and what version?

I noticed occasionally the Telus site has problems being rendered on IE-64bit on my machine. Going to other browsers don't have that problem.

Just Moved In

Chrome adn IE11 on Windows 7 works fine.  Chrome or IE7 on Vista don't.  Can't upgrade Explorer past 7 since it is on Vista.




Yes, I too am Vista when I having intermittent Telus website problems.  However, I am using IE9-64bit.