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Long hold times when calling customer service!!!!

Just Moved In
I have a question: is telus's customer service "team" just one person with a headset at a desk somewhere in Southeast Asia??? Because that's the only explanation I can think of for the INSANE wait times lately.

I've been a Telus customer (and staunch defender) for more than a decade, and one of the reasons I've always remained loyal is because of the stellar customer service. However, I've noticed recently (maybe in the past few months) every time Ive had to call in, I'm on hold for upwards of an hour to even reach a live person. Then, when I do reach someone it's invariably someone with an accent who, albeit perfectly nice and polite, has no idea how to help me. I'm then placed on hold while she "checks with her support team" and this can take up to another hour while I listen to Telus's hold music and become more and more frustrated.

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? What is going on?! Telus customer service was always so great - very saddening to see them go the way of that other company that rhymes with Dodgers.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Sad reality is that live customer support is very expensive to maintain, and the calls with questions which could be answered through The Neighbourhood, My Account, Chat, Twitter, or Facebook are in the queue with those calls which can only be answered by a CSR. I have had good success by calling first thing in the morning with my query.



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Telus got rid of all the Canadian reps and have moved their call centre overseas and now we can’t understand their accents

Friendly Neighbour

Lol. They did this a few years ago...if not longer. This is why in part subscribers are going to Koodo instead. Koodo has very good response times when connecting thru social media like facebook and twitter. 


The argument that call centres are expensive to maintain are actually moot considering in Canada it's been proven (unless you cherry pick the studies) that we pay the most for cellular service.