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I currently have a plan that's called Telus Your Choice that has 300 local daytime minutes and unlimited messaging. In the past I had no need really for long distance minutes but now my daughter has moved to another city within the same province as me and I am finding myself incurring long distance charges for voice calls we are making to each other. With the distance that is now between us we are finding it necessary to make these voice calls instead of simply texting. 

A couple questions....

1.....Is there a way I can call her or she can call me without getting charged for long distance with the plan I currently have? (I have a hard time understanding the local vs. not local definitions and the part that talks about where YOU are physically located? for incoming and outgoing calls....sorry if that makes me sound stupid but can someone explain this to me? if she calls me from her new location but I am in my local calling area will I get charged long distance for accepting the call?)

2....If the plan I have is not going to work what would be the best option for a change or an add on?

Thank you in advance!


There are two things to consider - where you are and where you are calling to.


-If you are in your local area, all calls that you receive are local to YOU regardless of where they come from.

-If you are not in your local area, you are charged long distance for any calls you receive, on the basis of the LD charge from your home area to wherever you are. This includes if you are where your daughter lives and she calls you .


Outbound calls - your local area is determined by where you are.,  You cannot go out of town and call a local number in your hometown.  


Bottom line - if you are at home, and she has a long distance plan, she can call you.

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Usually Local calls outbound are related to where you are currently situated at the time of the call. Incoming are local to your exchange prefix (the 3 digit number after the area code). So if you travel from Vancouver (with a Vancouver number) to Kelowna, outgoing calls to Kelowna are local, but incoming calls are long distance (because your phone is not in Vancouver any more).


It may be cheaper for your daughter to call you, dependent on the plan she has. Or depending on the access you have to data (Wi-Fi, cellular data, etc), a calling app such as Skype or Fongo may be cheaper than calling. 


If calling long distance is the only option, have a look at the unlimited Canada-wide plans available at Telus.com to choose. You can usually change a plan monthly without penalty through 'My Account'. Simply choose oe that meets your needs.



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I've called Telus twice and spoke to some agents, but I'm not sure I trust their information. It seems to differ from what's being said on here, and what seems industry standard, that you don't get  long distance charges on incoming calls

I have a pre-paid account with an extremely basic plan, to which I've added free evening and weekends. But don't have a LD plan. I live in Victoria, BC and plan to talk to a friend in Kansas City, USA this weekend. The Telus agents are telling me I will be charged LD regardless of whether it's an incoming or outgoing call.


But the info I'm reading here, and basic industry standard from what I've read elsewhere, is if it's an incoming LD call (so my friend calls me) and I'm in my local area (which I will be), then there should be no LD charge.

It would be nice if there was something clear on the Telus webpage that could confirm which it is.

If you are in the area where your number is local to, receiving a call there won’t be long distance charges. If you are outside what is regarded as your mobile number’s local calling area then you WILL be charged long distance from home to wherever you are.

If you make an outbound call to KC you will be charged long distance regardless

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Maybe consider changing your plan(s). Telus has a few with family to family calling and several plans with unlimited long distance within Canada.