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Kid Find?

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Telus offered a KidFind service prior to 2009. For $5 a month, the service would show where to find the phone. It also had the simple Migo phone that could dial just a few numbers.  The service was discontinued because of poor interest.


Forward to today...

  • population is getting older and we often see seniors getting lost in the media
  • there are smartphone apps, but the phones are a challenge for seniors to understand/use
  • smartphones have poor standby time, especially if the GPS is enabled.  Likely need to be charged daily instead of weekly
  • I'm not aware of any device with 9 days of battery standby like the Migo phone.

Who else see's value in this service or can suggest a good alternative?



While that was a great product back in the day. Apps like Where's my iphone/where's my droid will do the same thing as kid find. Even allowing you to make the phone ring/vibrate etc.