Is there any charge to send sms to get translink (send sms to 33333)?


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I am living in Vancouver, BC. To get update/schedule of bus/train here it is advised to send sms to 33333 with the stop number. I would like to know whether there is any charge associated with this sms? FYI, I have unlimited messaging package.

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If you have an unlimited plan.... I guess there is no charge.
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I should also add.... the SMS is designed for the dumb phones.  If you have a data plan and a smart phone.  Set your browser to this site.  It works much faster than SMS.


I bookmark my fav stops on my Blackberry browser.  Within seconds it tells me when the next bus is coming and more importantly.... WHERE is the bus from the GPS beacon?


Hi, normally, a service like this will let you know if they charge sms fees, Telus will not, according to your text message plan. You'll atually be charge for messages if you don't have any text messaging plan, same thing as sending a regular text message to ant mobile users.