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How do I transfer my son's phone onto his own account?

Just Moved In

He's grown up now and its time he pays his own bill.


The process you will need to complete is Transfer of Ownership you can do it over the phone by calling *611.. Basically it consist in that the main owner in this case is you request to start process then your son has up to 10 days to call back and complete it, Telus will need to run a Credit check to do that he will need to have on handy his SIN, Driver's licence number and credit card number, (if at least he has 2 of them he can do the credit check) . There is a fee of $35 that will be charge on your son's first bill.

There are some conditions to start or complete process that are:

- Account must be up to date (payments) You can have bill posted but it cannot be past due for more than 30 days.
- Number must be active for at least 90 days on the same account.

I hope this will help you. 🙂 Take care!