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How can I call international long distance on my cell phone at discounted rates?


I have friends and family in many different countries around the world and would like to call them using my TELUS cellphone. After checking TELUS' long distance rates I find them to be generally expensive to the countries I wish to call. Does TELUS have a international long distance service that offers discounted rates?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Depending on how many minutes/hours you spend on long distance.... consider

  • Skype (works on TV, computer, laptop, netbook and even your phone!), facetime, Blackberry Video chat
  • phone cards.  I can't believe how many hours I get with a $5 phone card to the Orient

Thanks XL,


I have seen some advertisements for a service called #100 on TELUS post and pre-paid phones. Can you explain to me how that works and what the rates are?

Hmm..... I don't work for Telus, nor have I used that service.


I'm happy with the $5 phone cards for my needs, supplemented by online options.  With video conferencing options, I find my message can be conveyed so much faster.


One tip.... discount services are great for everyday use.  However.  Mother's day, Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Years.... discount services are often taxed from heavy use.  To get reliable call through.... sometimes it best to pay full price for that important voice to a loved one.



I called in to TELUS customer service and asked my question about discount long distance and they notified me about #100.


The customer service rep was happy to fully explain how #100 works.


Any TELUS pre or post-paid customer can simply dial #100 on the cell phone, listen to a short prompt, and dial their desitnation number. Rates start as low as 5¢/min and your calls get billed directly on your current TELUS bill! A really cool and useful feature the rep told me about is after every call using #100, you get a free SMS outlining your call details and charges. She directed me to for all the international rates.


I just tried the service and it was great! I called my brother the U.K. and it was easy, very clear call quality, and received the text message right after I called. I am definately going to use this service more!


I also asked if the rates change during peak hours or during holidays because you brought up a good point. She assured me the rates are always the same any time of the day or year. I am really excited to find out about this new service. Try it sometime when you need to call abroad XL!