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Future Date Activation of Devices over holidays?

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Spent several hours today (Black Friday) on hold for TELUS customer care (2x30min waits and 1x1hr 15mins wait) including getting dropped off the web queue online with 43 people ahead of me.. went back into the queue with 114 people ahead me.. after some deep breaths I have decided to try posting my questions here in the hope that somebody from TELUS Mobility customer loyalty reads these forums. I have been a loyal TELUS Mobility customer for 23 years.


I am hoping this is a very simple request but two separate TELUS retail outlets couldn't tell me if this was possible (Coquitlam Center & Lougheed mall).


If I have a TELUS mobility phone that I wish to upgrade.. the account is in my name however the phone is used by a family member.. I would like to upgrade the phone as a Christmas Gift.. so I want to sign a new 2 year contract and walk out of the store with the new device without any notification going to the phone number associated with the upgrade... I was told by two separate stores that this is not possible as they MUST activate the phone in store.. i.e. there is no ability with TELUS to do a pre-defined "future date" activation.. say 26th December for example. I found this odd as I have done this at least twice in the past with TELUS mobility.. my understanding is this can only be done with new contracts not renewals/upgrades which again is odd.. I even went to a Best Buy Mobile store and was told that all other carriers provide this feature on upgrades/renewals but not TELUS.


I can't imagine this is an usual request... people wanting to get new phones for family members without the family member knowing the device has been acquired.


How are other TELUS Mobility customer doing this?






Community Power User
Community Power User

Is it necessary to get a new plan? If the user continues with the same plan, there should be no notifications to the user’s phone. All you need do is swap the SIM at the appropriate time.


If it is a deal which depends on a timely activation on a new plan to gain credits, then it becomes a bit more of a challenge, for which I don’t have a simple solution.


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