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I received a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge via Mail from Telus.  On the same day while settings up the phone and transferring data from my old phone I pushed on the glass above the power button the glass cracked and spidered. A piece of the glass literally fell off and the screen started flipping out and the bottom half of the touch panel stopped working.  The phone is useless. 


I tried submitting claims to Asurion 3 times so far but they continously cancel the claim because the insurance coverage is not in there system and the phone did not appear to be registered on the Telus system.  Telus sent me the insurance certificate and I forwarded it to Asurion.  The phones sim card was in the phone and the it was registered with Telus showing it was registered on the system. 


Any idea how to fix the the misconnect with the data not being transferred to Asurion. 

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@Mobility_Princess thoughts on his issue.

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TELUS Employee

You need to call Telus and have them talk to Asurion. If there's a disconnect between the two companies then you need to get the 2 of them talking. Call *611 and client care can investigate it. They can speak to their support team if necessary who can call Asurion and find out why there's a disconnect and have it fixed Smiley Happy

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