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Customer Incentives

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Why doesn't Telus offer customers any kind of incentive? I've been with Telus for 10 years and they have given less and less of an incentive and now I'm due for an upgrade. Haven't gotten any kind of offer and I'm close to changing companies for cheaper services....


I get offers by email occasionally. Last week I got an offer to add another phone (BYOD ) to my account for 35.00 a month. Something like that. I didn't give it much of a read because I'm not interested.


I'm preparing to renew my contract too, though I don't want to, my S7 is perfect (and I despise edge phones and hate everything else right now), Cat LOL I have to renew in order to keep my old plan viable. I'll probably order an S8 and never unbox it. Lol.


Hey, does anybody know if I can renew with the same type phone I already have. Can I just contract another S7? I could give it to my husband as a travel camera, and then I'd have a spare.


Telus and just about every other provider only care about new customers and not the current ones.  After all, most current customers are stuck in a contract of some sort.  What is it you would actually like for some sort of incentive, if you don't mind me asking?  If you are looking for a discount on hardware, those are very rare outside of what is already on the website for everyone renewing.  Carriers complain that they don't make any money off of the hardware, which is utter crap, but they will beat that excuse like a dead horse as long as people keep renewing for over-priced devices.  


Where you might find a deal is on your service.  Depending on the plan you currently have and the features you need.  The majority of the money on the service itself is profit.  Don't expect loyalty to offer you the 10GB plan for $60 but again, depending on your service, they could potentially offer you something considered decent for around $80 a month added after you get your upgrade to circumvent the minimum monthly gouging to get the phone you want.  

I know it's all about making the most money for these carriers, but before like 2007-10 when my first contract ended with Telus I remember getting a $150 incentive to resign with Telus. I understand those days are as dead as the if you wait longer than 5 minutes or something for customer service they would credit your bill. These companies would become powerhouses if they brought that stuff back.... I was just venting last night cause this crap is getting ridiculous

But they already are powerhouse companies.  We don't exactly have much for choice here in Canada.  Thanks to the constant payoffs tot he CRTC to keep competition out, prices go up, customer service goes down, and your choices are essentially the same regardless of what name the company/parent company goes by.  


If you want deals/Incentives you have to be in a position of power. To do that you need to own the phone and not allow yourself to be locked into a contract where you are paying for a phone over two years and the carrier has no incentive to do anything for you.


When you own the phone outright you have the power to move to any carrier you want or, more importantly, you have the bargaining power to negotiate a better deal on a mobile plan from your existing carrier.


Just last month this was demonstrated by the $60/10 GB BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deal. One carrier proposed a $60/5 GB + 5 GB for 24 months deal for BYOD customers. Immediately every other carrier one-upped that deal to $60/10 GB with no time limits. This deal brought every carriers customer service phone system down to its knees by people scrambling to take advantage of it.


If you want deals/incentives own your device so you have the power.

@gcerullo wrote:

When you own the phone outright you have the power to move to any carrier you want or, more importantly, you have the bargaining power to negotiate a better deal on a mobile plan from your existing carrier.


Carriers don't bargain, they con, whether contract or owned, Canadians are conned, and happy to be. The 10-60 will see data throttled, I'm sure, whether stated or not, like unlimited plans in the US throttle data. For instance, with T-mobile it's 40USD (50CAD) for all unlimited, but reduced speeds after 50gb. You have no power, ever.


I have an old plan so I'm paying a good price for what I want, considering I don't need or want data. I don't except to be able to keep it much longer though.  I'm thinking I won't renew this time. I just really hate every phone out there. Cat LOL

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I agree. I have been a customer for over 20 years and received absolutely no incentives to continue. The only rewards I have received are over conflicts over service like a dead router or incorrect installation. All these were challenged by the tech department but they were unaware of my expertise in these matters. The threat was if we came out there and the problem is your fault (the Customer), I could be charged for the technician coming out. When the technician realized that I was right and my experience far exceeding his I was offered a rebate. This is what bothers me most, new customers are offered laptops, TV's, etc. yet a long time customer is offer nothing. With the market being small with little competition like in the US, choices are limited. TELUS services are for the most part more of value over Shaw in its internet security and the fact that Shaw charges a few months in advance of provided services, where as TELUS charges monthly for services rendered. If the market became more like the US it would make many change their minds. 

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Those "incentives" like "free" laptops or TVs etc are all factored in to the cost of the contract. You're better off buying your own laptop or TV. A field visit from a repair tech always has the potential to incur a cost especially if the inside wiring in your home is the problem. Most cases there isn't a cost but they always advise in advance of the possibility of one when a tech is booked.


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Most of the time, those TV's and laptops aren't even worth it when you look at the specs of them.  Owning your own device is one thing, but there are other ways to look at it.  As much as my Telus plan is $90 a month regardless of whether I take a new phone or not.  I get a new phone every year and get to keep my previous one.  For me, that works, but that might not work for everyone.  6GB of LTE, unlimited Canada/US calling, unlimited Canada/US testing.  The new phone every year is the incentive and one I like.  


T-Mobile's One plan, which I have on my US phone, still isn't bad.  I rarely ever come close to 6GB of data usage per billing cycle.  Tethering is throttled regardless though, which I think makes it hard to use that much data.  It is better to have too much than not enough though and $40USD for unlimited Canada/US/Mexico calling and roaming, global texting, 50GB of LTE with more than that possibly being throttled based on network congestion I think is a lot better than we get up in Canada.  Their plans are no contract but devices come in various payment plan options.  6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, and even 36 months for the latest iPhones.  Those 6 month payment plans are the sweet spot for me for any device T-mobile sells that I want that cost $1,000USD or more and you can pay them off early to end the payment terms.  Out of all of the devices I have owned in 2018 though, the Mi Mix 3 with the global ROM has been a lot more enjoyable for a $600 device compared to my Note 9, S9 Plus, and the many useless V30's.  Choice is a really nice thing that keeps me happy with T-Mobile.  If I could get a new device out of Telus every 6 months while keeping the previous device, I would be content to keep them, even after my cheap friends finally get phones with US texting included.