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Changing SIM card after contract is up.

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My contract is up and I have been continuing my old plan on a month to month basis for the last year now. I have an iPhone 4s with a micro SIM card, if I were to buy an unlocked iphone 6 (not subsidized), am I able to buy a new SIM card from Telus that is the right size, nano SIM card, and transfer my account to that SIM while keeping my old plan on a month to month basis?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, very easily. You can get a new SIM at any Telus store. You'll just have to replace the existing SIM on your account with the number from the new one. Plan will remain unchanged. 


Note: Recently the My Account for Mobility part of the website has not been allowing users to change SIMs online. If that's still the case, call Telus from a phone other than your iPhone as once they switch the SIM the old one goes offline instantly. (1-866-558-2273)

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