Can I keep my TELUS plan and buy a new iPhone?


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I currently have an iPhone5 from TELUS that I got in 2012 and a data plan of 6gb with 250 minutes of local calling and unlimited Canada text.  I don't need more calling but I want to keep the inexpensive plan and the 6gb of data. It is only $50 monthly plus tax for $58. Can I buy a new iPhone outright either from Telus or Apple and move my sim card over to it to keep that plan?

thanks for your help. 

Debbie in Nova Scotia. 

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This has been asked very frequently here. If you buy a phone outright from Apple, yes you can keep the plan as is. You just have to put your current SIM card into the new phone. If you buy it from Telus they may try put you on a newer plan.

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Here's a link to another discussion on this topic from a week or so ago.




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