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Can I activate a Telus DeviceCare plan on a new phone that i bought at Best Buy?

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BestBuy has a sale on the device i want to buy, yet I prefer the Telus Device Care over the Best Buy protection plan. Can I activate the telus plan, despite buying my phone elsewhere? Or will telus price match the phone?


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Which phone?

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From the Telus website: 

(4) “Eligible Wireless Product(s)” means the wireless device that We have designated as eligible for service under the Plan as set forth in the list of Eligible Wireless Products and their Equipment Tier available from Us, which can be found in or by calling 1-866-281-4537.


Your covered equipment is the eligible mobile phone purchased

from TELUS, which you own and have actively registered on the TELUS network. If a failure affects a standard accessory (such as a battery or charger) in conjunction with the failure of your phone, or if your phone is replaced with a different model, we will also replace the standard accessories.

So, it would appear that you would need to purchase the phone from a Telus outlet, not Best Buy.


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