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CDMA discontinued on Jan 31st 2017?

is this true? my dad has a old telus samsung evergreen slider with i think CDMA only!

will have to upgrade to a new smart phone with telus or other company?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

What is the model number of the slider?


Doing a quick google.... the A667 I found says it's a 3G GSM phone.


Is there a SIM card?  Most SIM card phones are GSM.

its my dads, hes a different house right now but i had to upgrade from a big sim to a regular slim or nano sim in about April

Well if you are using SIM's.... it's not likely using CDMA.


Going from big to nano... it means the phone is relatively new.... not likely to be impacted by CDMA's phaseout.


Yep... let us know the model number.