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By Fiodo Hello Telus???

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Hello Telus
Seems to my wife and I have got cellular reception problems with Fido since relocating a mere 2.5km six months ago. Can't make calls at home... text messages are delayed for three hours... And on Edge service when i have service.

So my wife and I are considering at least a trial run with Telus. But Fido won't play any ball with me to release me my contact considering the breach of service we are paying for. Nor Fido willing to provide me with an sim unlock for me to try Telus. We are feeling like insult being added to injury. I've become reliant on my cellular service for employment.... I'm on call and my employer will send a text to me and I've got 30 minutes at accept the assignment. If i don't respond in 30 minutes, i will lose the assignment and it will be offered to another employee. Awsome... and if Telus can offer me and my wife better cellular service, I'd be happy to return to aa a happy Tellus customer who regrets leaving.

But any way... can Tellus me to sim unlock my phone system that i can my trial?

And, just to verify that Telus has a bring my own device and my wife can also bring her own device with 300 local any time minutes and 2.5 gig data shared for just under 58 dollars per month???
Please advise.
Thank you

Community Power User
Community Power User
If you have been a Fido customer, or have paid your device balance in full, Fido
Is obligated to unlock your device. If it is an Android phone, it may be cheaper to use a third party service to get an unlock code. Once you have an unlocked phone in hand, you can test Telus' service first hand and see if it works for you.

Another option is a wi-fi booster to boost the signal at your home.

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