Buyers remorse

Hi there, I just received the Huawei P20 Pro and would like to return it.... Not sold on the device :/ I've been waiting over 30mkns on hold with Telus. Is there a faster way to reach someone about my buyers remorse??
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Please read the following documentation located here.

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Only a half hour on hold?  You need more patience!  Smiley Tongue  You are only about a third of the way to getting hung up on...  I mean, your call answered.  Your best bet for returns are in-store.  The Telus call centres are so poorly under staffed, you potentially could get a quicker response through prayer than trying to call Telus customer service.  


Did you get through to anybody yet? If not, by now you're way beyond the toasting marshmallows phase at the Telus dumpster fire. Day 2 of Telus Caller Remorse puts you into the depressive state of disbelief that your life is now an endless hold. You don't want to know what Day 3 is. Good luck! if you can still use it. Cat LOL