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Bring-it-Back - End of Contract Returns

Just Moved In

My iPhone XR is dying and whilst ideally I’d wait until the new iPhone comes out in Sept I can’t take it anywhere without the battery draining!

I’m planning to get an iPhone 14 Pro on Bring-it-Back, but in 2 years time I’d want to wait an extra month and get the latest iPhone 17 (if that’s what they call it) if it comes out in Sept, so was wondering:

Do I have to make a decision and send back my phone in month 24 (in which case I'll pay back the Bring-it-Back amount to keep it, then trade it in when the new phone is available)?


Do I get an extra 30 days at the end of my plan to work out what to do next (in which time the new phone may become available to pre-order)?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Kevin. There's definitely the possibility that our Mobility team can extend for a few weeks after your Bring-It-Back timeframe would expire, but it's something you'd need to check with them directly so they can perhaps place a note on your account with the details. If we're talking about iPhone releases annually, it's also worth noting that while historically they've always been around the same date in September, it's technically out of our control as to what Apple may choose to do in the future. Unlikely of course that they'd change release dates or not release a device in two years, but again nothing is ever set in stone.


That being said, you can reach out to our Mobility team directly at 1-866-558-2273 to discuss further. Personally, I'd also hold on as long as you can now to get as close to iPhone launch as possible so that extension in a few years wouldn't be very long!


@kevin23  Release date are always a big  ????     Buy an bat pack while you wait might be a solution for you.

Just Moved In

I mean I would hope that they can accommodate you, but in case they won't should be straightforward to Pay the Bring It Back amount and then sell it privately?