Apple Watch series 4 non-Shared plan

When telus will offer Apple Watch non shared plan like Rogers and Bell ?
I think lot of people intestesing Apple Watch series 4 but their plan(e.g. $60 10gb) not allow to add telus $10 1gb Apple Watch plan
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Telus does not pre-announce such plan changes, even if they were to consider such a plan.


How do you see a non-sharable plan as being an advantage?


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I’m in the same boat. I have just a basic plan and TELUS is telling me I have to change my plan in order to add my Apple watch? I have 1GB if data and minutes/month to use for my phone/watch; why can’t I just add my watch & pay the extra 10$/month? Then if I go over my minutes/data I thats on me and I’ll pay the overages. I don’t need or want some plan for 90$/month just to add my watch...yea I wish TELUS would do like BELL and allow us to add our smartwatch to ANY plan.

I will change to Bell or Rogers for sure if they offer $60/10gb plan again in Christmas.

Hello @Elppaynos

Goodluck with Rogers. Might want to look at their community forums and see the mess they are in right now.

Issues activating the watch plans, 95% of pre orders for the watches haven't even been shipped out and many are upset and more.

So I would suggest doing research if I were you.

Thanks for the  heads up Meowmix !


i guess I will wait until Christmas($60/10g) then switch to bell instead of Rogers.

Just go in to the watch app and activate your watch on a non-share plan. I’ve been using my watch with the $60/10GB since March and no issues.

I’ve never see any overage charges.

Good to know ! Thank you Ahmadjr.   I want get the Apple watch under their TELUS Easy Payment(24month payment) but it only can add on shareable data plan.