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Anyone else camp at Big Pine Resort, Lake Koocanusa, B.C.?


It has been suggested I post something here, with hopes that others will also.  For years, it has been a monthly chore, during the camping months,  to call Telus after receiving the dreaded cell phone bill.  Thankfully Telus has been more than helpful with reversing roaming charges for texting.  The "new" tower installed by Telus on Highway 93, north of us,  doesn't have enough signal to reach our campground.  We sadly bounce off AT&T from our campsite.  We have tried all sorts of settings on our cell phones to restrict roaming.  Our data roaming is turned off, meaning we do not access our email ever.  In order to be in contact with family in any way we have to use the U.S. roamingto send texts.  No choice in the matter. 

Perhaps if enough people speak about the same problem in the same area, maybe Telus would consider putting another tower closer by? 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

To clarify, what is the make and model of phone are you using? Otherwise consider a prepaid ATT SIM card for use in that area.


Avoid Roam Mobility as they offer no coverage in nearby Idaho.

I have an iPhone 5, my daughters both have iPhone 4. 

Community Power User
Community Power User
Try settings > carrier > Turn off automatic and choose Telus from the list. You will need to be in a service area for this to work. once you return to Big Pine, this should prevent connections to any carrier but Telus. You would still need to find sufficient signal strength to make calls.

Another option might be to look at Internet service for a group of you users.
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i know this is off topic, but how to contact big pine resort, koocanusa, i can't find anything on the internet other than old listing.  I would like to inquire about a annual site.

Have you tried this link and number?

yup, the email address comes back undeliverable and no one ever answer the phone#

Here's another link to try... (why does it have an Ontario address and postal code?)


I wonder if it's because it's end of season.

The only phone number we have is 1-250-865-2003

Well thats a different number then i have found anywhere else, so i will try it, thanks!