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Activate SIM online - website broken

Just Moved In

Bought a phone from Telus to replace current phone also from Telus. Agent told me to activate SIM online.


Keep being told go to this page and click the "My account" link... which leads to (notice the pageLinkNotFound). 


Can't find how to do this, and Telus phone service isn't much help.


What's the solution? Where do you activate a Sim?




Community Power User
Community Power User

So, I go to the first link in your note, choose the My Account link, and end up at: and can manage my account from there. Might you have a corporate or Employee account which is managed by a reseller? If so than all activity needs be managed through the reseller interface. If not, a call to Telus should be able to address it for you.



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Sorry there is a lot of misinformation on this currently. You can currently only activate brand new Telus accounts online. If you are a current Telus customer you can not perform Telus sim card swaps online due to fraud issues. Our online security is being beefed up and this has temporarily been removed. You can only call in/go to store/ and i believe you can do this through chat. *611 we can do this for free. 

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